Residential Cleaning

Here is a detailed list of the services we offer at each cleaning, keep in mind Clean As Can BEE can accommodate any budget. We understand that affordability is a major concern, especially these days. Let us know what you're able to invest each month and Clean As Can BEE will customize a cleaning regimen that will keep your home fresh and clean without breaking the bank.

All rooms are dusted ceiling to floor. In your bedrooms, living room, dining room, family room your furniture is waxed and polished top, front, sides all the way to the floor. Doors, door frames, light switches and plates, window sills, and baseboards are cleaned at each cleaning. Cobwebs removed. Carpeting is vacuumed wall to wall. Hard surface floors are vacuumed and washed. About every 2-3 cleanings Clean As Can BEE cleans all of the ceiling fans by hand, provided they are not in a vaulted or 2 story ceiling. As part of our old fashion cleaning we do not use fan dusters. At every cleaning we dust off any formal chandeliers and breakfast lights. About ever 2-3 months Clean As Can BEE takes them apart and washes them in hot soapy water, then puts them back together for you. Any chrome and mirrors throughout the house are windexed and polished at every cleaning, any knick knacks, pictures, shelves, or things like that are dusted, windexed and/or polished at every cleaning as well. Clean As Can BEE provides all of our own cleaning supplies, or we can use your preferred cleaning supplies. We  make your beds at every cleaning, take out the trash and replace the liners.

In your kitchen all of your surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. Clean As Can BEE cleans and sanitizes counter tops, sink, stove (top, front and sides), islands, and cabinets, ceiling to floor. Your refrigerator is damp wiped and scrubbed top, front and sides, all the way to the floor. All appliances are cleaned top, front and sides. Clean As Can BEE cleans and sanitizes your microwave inside and out. Crown molding, chair rails, and baseboards are damp wiped at each cleaning. Cobwebs are removed. Floors are vacuumed and scrubbed. Any throw rugs are vacuumed.

Clean As Can BEE rigorously cleans and sanitizes shower walls and tub area. Sliding glass doors (if any) are cleaned inside and out. Toilet is cleaned inside and out, top to bottom. Sinks, counter tops, vanity (top, front and sides), crown molding, window sills, and baseboards  are cleaned and disinfected. Chrome, mirrors, any shelves and knick knacks are dusted, cleaned and polished at every cleaning. Floors are vacuumed, scrubbed and disinfected.

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Clean As Can BEE